The 19th St. Cecilia International Music Competition 2014

Candidates Information

1. Entry fees
No entry fees will be refunded, regardless of any reasons (e.g. class suspension ordered by the Government of the HKSAR, having breached rules and regulations, not being able to attend competitions due to sickness / personal affairs / school functions, not being able to obtain the music scores required, etc).

2. Competition time slots
The Organization will decide on the time slots and dates that the classes are to be held. Competitors who fail to show up according to the order on the timetable will be considered as “not in assigned order”. They will only receive comments from the adjudicator(s), and will be awarded no marks and no certificates.

3. Times of arriving competition venues
The Organization suggests competitors be ready and report to the competition assistant 15 minutes before the time specified. Once the competition starts, the adjudicator / competition assistant has the right to refuse any audience (including competitors) from entering the venue.

4. Documents required for competition
When attending the competitions, competitors must bring with them the following documents (spot checks will be made):
(i) the Entry Form Receipt (as a proof of entry)
(ii) a photocopy of their birth certificate / Hong Kong ID card (as an identification of their name and age)
(iii) the student card / handbook (for verification of their education level)

5. The adjudicator(s) will stop a competitor if he / she performs an inappropriate Own Choice piece, does not prepare well or not perform up to the required standard.

6. Before the announcement of results, all the audience, including the competitors, teachers, and parents are not permitted to approach the adjudicator.

7. Other than piano classes, competitors must bring along their own musical instruments for the competitions.

8. Competition Pieces
It is the responsibility of the competitors and their accompanists to ensure that the music scores used for competitions are original music scores. Competitors will be disqualified if they (including accompanists) use music scores at the competition but fail to present the competition assistant the original music scores at the competition.

9. Final Round Competition
a. In each class, the competitors with the top 5 scores will basically be selected to go on to the final (at the preliminary rounds, the selected competitors will not be awarded any marks). However, if competitor(s) cannot perform up to a sufficiently high standard at the class concerned, the adjudicator(s) can decide to select fewer than five competitors to go on to the final round or even cancel the final round of the class. Similarly, the adjudicator(s) may select more candidates in the same classes to enter final competition in order to maintain the high performance standard required in the whole final round competition.
b. Finalists will receive an “Invitation to Final” at the end of the preliminary via email. Finalists have to reply to the Organization as to whether they will attend the final or not.
c. At the finals, the competitors will receive no mark sheets. The Organization reserves the right not to award part or all of the prizes / scholarship of a final if finalist(s) cannot perform up to a sufficiently high standard at the final concerned.

10. Rules of Competition Venues
a. All venues will not be open until 15 minutes before the start of each session.
b. Rearrangement of any setups and facilities is prohibited.
c. Anyone including competitors who causes undue disturbance in competition venues will be asked to leave the venue. If the person is a competitor, he / she may be disqualified.
d. The use of communication and electronic devices is prohibited. Audio or video recordings and photo-taking (including the verbal comments from adjudicators and the announcement of results) are prohibited during competitions. Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to leave the venue.
e. It is the individual attendees’ responsibility to take care of their personal properties. The Organization will not be held responsible for any loss.
f. Except some finals, admission to competitions is free of charge.
g. Since the seating capacity in most venues is very limited and controlled under the Fire Prevention Ordinance, each competitor with a maximum of one accompanying teacher / parent will be admitted to the sessions / time slots they are required to perform. In accordance with the limitations / requirements of the venue and request of adjudicators, the competition assistants are authorized to take charge of the seating and admission arrangements in the venues. They may refuse competitors of other time slots from entering the venue.
h. Non-competitors under the age of three will not be admitted to all venues.
i. The Organization does not offer parking spaces at any venues.

11. Judging Criteria
Adjudication will be based on the overall performance of the competitors, including:
♦ Technique – tone color quality, notes accuracy, rhythm accuracy, ease of play, fluency, control, etc
♦ Style and interpretation – stylistic understanding, character, use of tempo, presentation with imagination, conviction, etc
♦ Musicianship – dynamics, phrasing, articulation, musical sense, performance flair, effective communication, etc
♦ Presentation – appropriate performance dress, stagecraft, etc.
The decision of the adjudicators on all artistic matters shall be final.

12. Other key issues to notes
a. The decision of the adjudicators on all artistic related matters shall be final; the decision of the Chairman of Organization Committee upon all matters / interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, and all matters arising from administrative issues and competitions shall be final.
b. People with a communicable disease should not attend any Music Festival competitions or activities. Competitors with such communicable disease are not permitted to attend the competition scheduled for them unless they can present a letter by a medical doctor or their school to certify that they can no longer spread the disease.
c. In the case of class suspension ordered by the Government of the HKSAR, no make-up sessions for respective classes cancelled will be held and entry fees will not be refunded. Please refer to “Arrangements for Competitions during Adverse Weather and Epidemic Disease Outbreak” and also to the Organization website for updated information.
d. Any additional requests, if accepted, will be subject to a handling fee.




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